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Stateofmind was established in 2017 by Mona Berg og Camilla Lyng-Jørgensen. We shared the love for sports, the social enjoyment, mental and physical endurance that makes us strive for progress and the sense of achievement.

We love how tennis represents  tradition, etiquette and grace. Unforgettable sport moments, great legends and stylish sport fashion for both men and woman.

Stateofmind is moderen, functional  and contemporary sport & tennis apparel, created with a Scandanavian touch. Inspired by our love for the beautiful Norwegian nature and resources in our local surroundings. Inspiring and genuine tennis and sportswear made for and by tennis players.  Our collection provides the best fit and details to achieve the right look and feel for all activities and to & from. We expect a high level of quality and endurance at all levels in life. At Stateofmind we believe that human and planetary well-being is closely connected. We are conscious of the significant impact the production of clothes have on our planet and environment. We constantly work to find innovative and more environmentally friendly materials and methods which also contributes to better quality and performance. Looking at every step of the process, from design to shipment, our goal is to make the clothes as ethically and low impact as possible.

At Stateofmind we like a challenge. Our attitude is, what we did yesterday should be even better tomorrow.Our products reflects this mindset and we will keep on challenging ourselves to new limits and strive to meet your high expectations. We hate losing and are always aiming for the best.


Stateofmind est. 2017




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Showroom: Eckerbergsgate 33, 0266 Oslo

Post address: Eckerbergsgate.33, 0266 Oslo