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Are you looking for a tennis skirt that is both feminine and functional? Stateofmind is a sportswear brand that specializes in tennis clothing. 

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Throughout history, tennis has been one of the only sports where the apparel has kept its femininity. In most other sports, the sportswear is rather masculine – but when it comes to tennis wear, women can feel elegant while being active. 

However, in Norway, few brands offer sportswear specifically meant for the tennis court. That is one of the reasons why Mona Berg and Camilla-Lyng Jørgensen decided to create a sportswear brand specializing in tennis in 2017. 

We wanted to create a collection of sports and tennis apparel that suits just as well on the tennis court as in everyday life. The result is Stateofmind – a collection of high-quality sportswear, made of comfortable materials and with a feminine design.

Our Tennis Skirts

In our collection, you will among other things find tennis skirts that are both feminine and functional. Read more about our most popular skirts:

Skirt Deuce

This is a versatile skirt that is just as suitable on the tennis and padel court as in everyday life or during other activities. Its short and practical cut also makes it the perfect golf skirt. The skirt has built-in underpants for extra comfort and subtle details that emphasizes its elegant design.

Skirt Deuce comes in two colours: Navy blue and dusty pink. Please note that the skirt runs small – most buyers need to size up.

Skirt Organic Cotton

Our Skirt Organic Cotton comes in two different colours: Winter white and a light burgundy shade. Its classic design makes it just as suitable on the tennis court as on a warm summer day, on your way to the gym or as a golf skirt. 

The skirt is made of Organic Cotton that is both super comfortable and eco-friendly. It has an adjustable waistband and pockets on the side, which also makes it a practical choice.

Sustainable Clothing

As a clothing brand, we are highly aware of the impact the textile industry has on the environment. From design to shipment, we always strive to make environmentally friendly choices in every part of the process. 

That is why our clothes are made of high-quality materials like Organic Cotton, Cashmere and Merino Wool. These are durable materials that last for years, which means that you don't have to buy new garments all the time.

Stateofmind – About Our Collection

We focus on designing timeless and versatile garments that you can combine either with any of your other wardrobe favorites or with one of the garments from our collection. In addition to tennis skirts, we also offer  a wide range of other sportswear: 

T-shirts, Tank Tops and Long Sleeve Tops

At our online store, you will find both long sleeve tops, t-shirts, and tank tops in and seamless light materials with an amazing feel to the skin. 

All our tops are designed to give you the ultimate mobility and comfort. They all come in fresh and modern colours that are easy to combine with your favorite tights, skirts, or shorts. 

Hoodies and Cashmere Sweaters

Our hoodies and cashmere sweaters aren’t just the perfect fit before and after working out, but also for everyday use. 

Our hoodies are made of recycled cotton and come in a winter white and a beautiful burgundy shade. 

An even warmer and softer option is our Cashmere zip hoodie. This is a classic wardrobe staple that you can use on any occasion – on your way to the gym, on a chilly night or during a relaxing evening at home. 

Workout Leggings

In our online store, you will also find some of the best workout leggings available on the market. Our workout leggings come in a variety of fresh colours, both in Capri and full length. They all have a high waist and a seamless design which make them both comfortable and flattering. 

The leggings have a pocket on the back with enough space for a tennis ball, but they are just as suitable for running or everyday use. 

Stateofmind – About Us

The co-founders of Stateofmind, Mona Berg and Camilla-Lyng Jørgensen are both active tennis players. We share the love for physical activity and the sense of achievement it gives us. 

We like a good challenge and we always strive to be even better. Our products reflect this attitude. Our goal is to design clothes that make you feel amazing while being sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

When you choose clothes from Stateofmind, you can be sure that you will receive clothes that are both comfortable, flattering and versatile. 

In addition to our online store, you can also shop our collection from our showroom at Frogner in Oslo and in selected stores in Oslo and Trondheim

If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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